Aftermath of the Fires | One Year Later

Kieran Robinson of Kieran Robinson Wines was on the podcast about 18 months ago but much has happened since then. Kieran Robinson and Kristie Sheppard Robinson share the latest — some sad and some innovative and amazing! They have been through tough times but it sped up an idea that may just be a new model for U.S. winemakers who love both the west and east coast.

Here are the show notes:
  • After Kieran and Kristie share how they met, wound up in the Rhône and then moved to Sonoma, they discuss the harrowing experience of living through the fires that ravaged Sonoma Valley in 2017. Kieran and Kristie share their personal stories and how they lost their entire vintage of reds to fire.
  • We discuss smoke taint and what it does to grapes
  • Kieran and Kristie, Pennsylvania natives, reveal their plans to live a bicoastal wine life, living much of the year back home on the East Coast. The idea is innovative, cool and authentic — they are designing the life they want with the bonus that it brings the wine to those of us on the east coast, and it could be inspiration for others with roots east who still want to make wine in the west.