Aftermath of the Fires | One Year Later

Kieran Robinson of Kieran Robinson Wines was on the podcast about 18 months ago but much has happened since then. Kieran Robinson and Kristie Sheppard Robinson share the latest — some sad and some innovative and amazing! They have been through tough times but it sped up an idea that may just be a new model for U.S. winemakers who… Read more →

Kieran has the magic touch with Syrah

    Kieran has the magic touch with Syrah. Both his 2013s are terrific – Antonio Galloni, August 2017   2013 R FIVE Syrah The 2013 Syrah R Five is terrific. Rich, deep and energetic, yet also medium in body, the 2013 is all about grace. A burst of dark red and purplish fruit makes a strong opening statement. Deep,… Read more →

Where Sonoma Meets the Rhone

Kieran Robinson is a small producer of Rhone style wines in Sonoma –and his stuff rocks. A Philadelphia native, after working in the Northern Rhône he moved to Napa & worked for cult wineries going it alone. A great story from a truly talented winemaker! Click Here to listen to the podcast. Here are the show notes: Kieran tells us… Read more →

Philly Does Glen Ellen

GLEN ELLEN, Calif. – You can’t ride the R5 as far west as Sonoma. But you can definitely drink one there, as I learned at dinner one recent night in California when winemakers Kieran and Kristie Robinson pulled a bottle of Bennett Valley syrah from a box to show me it was named after their beloved SEPTA line. The 2012 “R Five” syrah… Read more →

The Future Looks Bright for Kieran Robinson

Antonio Galloni, December 2014   These are the first wines I have tasted from Kieran Robinson, who formerly worked along side Aaron Pott and a number of other projects. Both the 2009 and 2010 Syrahs are made from the Vivio Vineyard in Bennett Valley. The 2009 comes across as not fully formed stylistically while the 2010 takes things up several… Read more →

Matching Food & Wine

Fiona Beckett, 2014   Given that I’ve been in Napa and Sonoma County for the past few days you might expect me to select a cab or a pinot noir as my wine of the week (more on those in due course) but I’m going for this fantastic syrah I tasted at the Rhone-fixated Girl and The Fig in Sonoma… Read more →

The Tasty Chronicles

June 25, 2013   Out of all the syrah wines that I tasted at the Rhone Rangers, the ones from Kieran Robinson Wines stood out the most. My friend and I tasted both syrahs that were poured; a 2009 Vivio Vineyard Syrah and the 2010 Le Voyageur Syrah. Clearly, the winemaker’s training in French wine making was evident in both wines; terrior-focused wines.  My… Read more →

Kieran Robinson Wines 2010 Le Voyageur

Cy Limon, 2013 As I’ve continued to write this Syrah blog over the last year and a half, I’ve come to realize that there are basically two reasons why a winemaker makes Syrah these days. One is that they just happened to come across some high quality fruit that they can get for cheap and they decide to take a… Read more →

Kieran Robinson: A Syrah, An Interview

Meg Houston Maker, 2013   Kieran Robinson has a day job as assistant winemaker at Jericho Canyon Vineyard in Calistoga, California. I haven’t tasted Jericho Canyon’s wine, but I can say unequivocally that the company is lucky to have him. Robinson first learned winemaking in upstate New York and the Pennsylvania countryside. But he soon found his way to the… Read more →

Dolce Drinks

January 2013   Sooner or later in the wine business someone is going to give you a bottle of wine to try for your opinion. When this happens it is always with a mix of flattery and fear. Invariably the giver has expectations for the receiver to extol the virtues of said “gift” and sometimes that is not an easy… Read more →

Chester County Couple hosts CA Wine Tasting

Angela Corrado, 2012   Wine brings us together. The cork is popped. A glass is poured. Another glass is poured. Friends are made. Opinions are formed. Smiles and rosy cheeks are showcased by all. How am I to write an entire article about the Kieran Robinson Wine Tasting if an average social wine gathering can be expressed in just a… Read more →

Chesco Couple Part of CA Wine Scene

Sarah Moran, 2012   Spending your life with a wine-maker is “not too shabby,” Kristie Sheppard is fond of saying. She and fiancé Kieran Robinson, both Chester County natives, are getting married May 19 in Stone Harbor. “Kieran introduced me to fine wines,” Sheppard said. “I liked wine before I met him but … “ The couple — he graduated… Read more →

Kieran Robinson’s First-Born Wine

Roger Morris, 2011   Kieran Robinson walks into Twelves Grill & Café in West Grove, Penn., with a bottle of wine clutched tightly by the neck, a prize that he could firmly hold aloft in celebration if called to. The 32-year-old Pennsylvania native has been working at wineries since he was a student majoring in environmental sciences at Ithaca College… Read more →

Most Interesting Wines of 2013

1 Wine Dude, December 2013   In some ways, with my back out of commission for nearly eight months, 2013 seemed like a long painful slog through semi-frozen sludge wearing nothing but flip-flops. But when it was on, 2013 was really *on*; it was an amazing year in which I travelled some of the world’s most gorgeous wine regions and… Read more →

1 Wine Dude

June 2013   Read more →