Where Sonoma Meets the Rhone

Kieran Robinson is a small producer of Rhone style wines in Sonoma –and his stuff rocks. A Philadelphia native, after working in the Northern Rhône he moved to Napa & worked for cult wineries going it alone. A great story from a truly talented winemaker!

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Here are the show notes:

  1. Kieran tells us about his early life in Philadelphia, at Ithaca college, and getting his start in wineries in the Finger Lakes.
  2. He takes us on his journey from Northern Rhône to Napa to Sonoma and details what it was like to work with everyone from Michel Rolland, Aaron Potts, and Paul Hobbs before going out on his own.
  3. We address Kieran’s real passion: making Viognier and Syrah. We talk about the current situation in Sonoma with grapes and more people looking at Rhône varietals as a viable and awesome option.
  4. Kieran takes us through the differences between his wines, the wines’ nod to Philly, and why they are so darn great!