The Tasty Chronicles

June 25, 2013


Out of all the syrah wines that I tasted at the Rhone Rangers, the ones from Kieran Robinson Wines stood out the most. My friend and I tasted both syrahs that were poured; a 2009 Vivio Vineyard Syrah and the 2010 Le Voyageur Syrah. Clearly, the winemaker’s training in French wine making was evident in both wines; terrior-focused wines.  My personal favorite was the 2009 Vivio Vineyard Syrah; it’s a deep, velvety, and luscious syrah with dark fruit and earthy notes. The most elegant syrah and perhaps the most truest to the syrah style was the 2010 Le Voyageur Syrah. It’s more sophisticated than its counterpart and possesses spicy yet richer terrior signature.